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Bad habits

by Carly-Ann

I’ve got myself into this habit where I don’t start writing my daily blog post until it’s nearly bedtime – or sometimes it’s actually bedtime. It’s become my tendency to leave it until the very last thing in the day – after I’ve washed my face, after I’ve brushed my teeth. Do you have any idea what that does for creativity? Or the feeling of fulfilment when you’ve done something worthwhile? Yeah, it sucks the ever-loving life out of both.

I need to come up with a new strategy. I need to come at it from a different angle. I don’t exactly know how to tackle that because often this time of night is one of my only chances to catch my breath, to take my mind of of a list, to have a few minutes to slow down and think of putting thoughts into words.

Everything is possible. I just need a new approach.

Kevin will be home in the morning and I’m looking forward to that. I’m not as good to myself when I’m alone as I am when he’s around. Also, I miss him.

My first day back at work went remarkably smoothly, but I was there late and brought a mild headache home with me. I’ve come to accept that’s how it goes when I am back in the office after an absence. Catching up on the action, the voicemail, the drama – it can really take it right out of you.

Thankfully with the groundwork I laid today, tomorrow will be a fresh start.

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