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Home alone

by Carly-Ann

There are a couple of major influences happening in my internal world right now. One, as stated above, my home alone status is really starting to sink in. Two, I go back to work tomorrow. Neither of them is terrible on its own, but let’s just say, they’re on my mind.

I love being alone. I often tell people that if I didn’t force myself to go out, I could stay home for far longer than would probably be healthy for me. I might not ever get social again. Seriously. Everyone says that, but I actually mean it. I’m convinced I could stay home for weeks. But here’s the thing: I need Kevin here, too. If he’s out working or at a game or with friends, he at least comes home later. If he’s gone for a few days, it’s just so boring around here. And it seems like he’s going to be away a lot more with some recent opportunities that have come his way.

I also love my job. There are a few people I am really looking forward to seeing tomorrow. What I’m not looking forward to: setting an alarm, being confined to my office, wearing proper clothes. I’m also not really feeling the I have to go to bed at a decent hour (aka now) business that goes along with it.

I think it would be really great if I could have totally flexible hours and they’d probably even end up looking just like my already somewhat flexible hours, but not having the annoyance of structure feels heavenly right now.

Today, I went to Car Free Day in Port Moody. A few friends had booths there and I wanted to check them out, also it was nice to get out to my old ‘hood.

It was a good vacation. We had a blast in Toronto and I miss Summer Slam so much. I read three and a half books, two that I absolutely loved. I had a little time to fully relax without any obligations, to reset before getting back into the groove. I even came up with a few solutions for problems I’d put on the shelf when I left the office.

But as usually happens, I’m starting to look forward to our next trip, just over six weeks away from now.

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