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Quick turnaround

by Carly-Ann

We just got home from Toronto, right? Well, Kevin is heading back there again tomorrow. Sadly, his uncle just passed away yesterday and Kevin was quite close with him so he’s heading back home for the funeral.

When you think of travel, you imagine vacations and celebrations and adventures and fun. While I’m sure Kevin will have some good times seeing family and old friends, the spirit of the trip is sad and this loss has cast a shadow over our house for a last two days since we found out.

Saw these mugs at Indigo tonight. Kind of wish I’d bought one.

I hadn’t really planned on heading to day one of the Minto Cup today, but since Kevin will be leaving tomorrow and he had to be there for work tonight, I decided to go along with him. It was a typical day one for any national tournament – teams feeling each other out and getting their legs. I have a strong suspicion of who the winner will be, but things can change so much in the next day as they settle in and get comfortable. It was nice to be out there and to see a couple of friends we haven’t seen in a little while and to do something different to take our minds off of everything else.

Aside from that, today was a total hibernation day. I didn’t even look at Twitter until we’d left for the arena late in the afternoon. I just needed some peace and quiet for a day – and now I’ll have a few days of extra quiet while I’m home alone. Now that we’re back, I just want to be at home. I don’t envy Kevin’s trek back where we just came from and I’m certainly sorry for everyone’s loss.

My weekend will consist of a trip down to the New West Pride Street Party tomorrow and aside from that, it’ll be just laying low and getting ready to go back to work on Monday.

What have you got on your agenda this weekend?

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