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Down by the water

by Carly-Ann

We spent the night with my parents tonight. We split them up, but spending the night with them is what we did.

Kevin and my dad we’re heading out to the lacrosse game so I convinced my mom to come out here with him and hang with me while they were out there.

We didn’t really have any plans on the books so we took a spin around the neighbourhood. We stopped in at a few local shops and

The boardwalk where we went for a walk has these great Adirondack chairs and we were able to snag two of them for a while. It was cool by the water so it was a very nice place to hang out and catch up there. It’d be a really nice place to come with a coffee and a book if a loved one isn’t available. And the gardens, though a little weary in this heat, are always something to see.

Eventually we came back to our place and waited for the guys to get back.

With just two days until our flight out of town, we’re finishing up the last few errands and starting to get physically ready to go. (I’ve been mentally ready for weeks!)

For a Tuesday that looked and felt a lot more like a Monday, this was a pretty good one.

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