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What I read: July 2019

by Carly-Ann

It’s official. I’ve completely lost track of all sense of time. I find myself looking forward to events that took place in May and June, yet I’m also catching myself referring to next month and meaning September.

I didn’t think this month was going to be a very productive one, reading-wise. I knew I’d finish two books, but thought that might be it. A productive reading (and unproductive otherwise) weekend and I was able to double the books I finished in July.

Here they are.

I was still reading The Library Book when this month started. I was thrilled because the longer I could enjoy that book for the first time, the better. If you have an ongoing love for the library, this book is for you. If you haven’t stepped foot in a library in decades, this book is also for you.

It focuses on the fire that took place inside LA library’s central location during the 1980sand walks the reader straight through modern day library life.

When Things Fall Apart is a bit of an intro to Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation all in one. It was a lovely, inspiring and empowering read. It’s definitely a book I’ll continue to refer back to.

Every so often, I like to indulge in something a little bit ridiculous. The Unhoneymooners was a perfect example. It was cute and corny and totally unreasonable, but it was adorable for all of those reasons. I couldn’t get enough of it really. It was a lot of fun.

I grabbed my library’s copy of Life Will Be the Death of Me because a friend told me she’d started it and that it had really surprised her – in a good way. I’m a sucker for a good memoir and this was no exception. I was surprised to read how much Chelsea Handler and I have in common, actually. There are several photos of my phone to help me remember all the times she described something about herself and it felt like I’d written it myself.

What did you read this month?

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