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The long road home

by Carly-Ann

We went to Victoria today. It was a beautiful day to take a ferry, barely a cloud in the sky.

We played a game there and it didn’t go as planned. We outscored our opponents 7-3 in the final two periods, but it couldn’t make up for the eight goals we’d spotted them in the first. That’s a big deficit to recover from.

These road trips are long. It takes between thirteen and fourteen hours to complete it in full. No matter, I’ve always really liked them. It gives everyone a chance to be in closed quarters and allows a little extra bonding that you aren’t afforded when everyone is driving their own car to the arena.

Before the game, it’s always a little quiet, a little low-key, a little sedate. Coming back, it can be more festive depending on the results. If you win, the bus can be a veritable party. If you lose, it’s a little quieter. There are beverages, there is pizza.

We’re heading for the ferry now and the sun is getting ready to set. The night is drawing to a close and, with it, the weekend, but we are still a long way from home.

Overall, we had a really nice weekend. On Friday, we got to spend time with friends we hadn’t seen in way too long while eating some pretty decent snacks.

Yesterday, we woke up and when thought about what we should do, we both declared that NOTHING would be the perfect day. A quick trip to the library, Whole Foods and London Drugs for a couple of quick errands and we pointed the car straight for home.

Today, this trip.

How was your weekend? What were the highlights?

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