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I’ll try anything

by Carly-Ann

Whether it’s related to health care or just beauty, that’s basically my approach.

In preparation for our trip to the show next month, we’ve been catching up on recent episodes of The Social tonight.

As we’re blasting through to see what they’ve been doing and talking about, but mostly checking out what people in the audience are wearing. (They gave some pretty specific suggestions related to that when they confirmed our tickets.)

If you’ve never watched the show, it begins with a panel conversation featuring the 4-5 regular hosts when they break down a series of topics, current events and stories. Later in the show, they welcome guests, review beauty products, talk to fitness, food or health professionals. It’s a typical daytime talk show except Canadian and cooler than any of the others I’ve seen.

Early on, we saw a discussion about Botox. Kevin made a comment about why people would do that. I told him, “I would.” He replied, “but you already look young.” (Bless his heart.) I told him I’d actually been thinking about doing it lately not because I want the results, but because I’m just plain curious about it.

The things I wonder:

  • What is the process?
  • Are you sitting up or laying down when they do it?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Does it hurt?

I’m not really worried about wrinkles or looking my age. In fact, I don’t actually even know all the benefits (or the risks, for that matter.) But, I would, most definitely, do it.

In the next episode, they talked about spray tans and I found myself thinking, “I should try getting a spray tan.” And I might.

It reminded me of times when I’ve enthusiastically taken part in alternative treatments or procedures. Sure, they have always had intended results, some were successful, some less so, but for me it was often about the process. I like trying new things. I like experimenting with different approaches. If I am offered an alternative, I’ll probably chase it down.

Do you voluntarily try different treatments? Do you experiment with new procedures when you can? Also, anybody know where I can get a good spray tan?

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