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by Carly-Ann

We celebrated my brother’s birthday yesterday. While we were sitting around the table and talking about what we were all doing today, we told my my mom about our commitments (lacrosse, of course) and she posed the question, “do you guys ever do nothing?”

Well, yeah. We do. At every chance we get.

As proof, I present that I spent an inordinate amount of time this weekend wondering if there is a tv friend group I’d want to be a part of more that the Southern Charm (orignal, tyvm) friend group. (There isn’t.)

I also contemplated, and subsequently ranked, which I’d want to be friends with most. If I had to choose just one, that is.

  1. Cameran. Easy.
  2. Chelsea. Her friendship would make me justas happy and I’d finally get a haircut.
  3. Naomie. She’s lost the Craig-related ire and she’s way cooler for it.
  4. Shep. How could I not? And as far as dudes go, he is really the only option.

So, yeah, while I can’t say we did nothing today, some of the things I did do shouldn’t really count, you know?

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