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June in review

by Carly-Ann

There are a few things that start to happen around the beginning of July. One of the main ones is that I start to move towards a reset. It’s halfway through the year, yes, but it’s also a big time in my astrological chart. As a Capricorn born under a Cancer Full Moon, these are meaningful times.

So, in July I’ll be contemplating new ways of doing things and perhaps some new things altogether. But today’s post isn’t about July, it’s about June. And all the things I did and didn’t do.

On the bright side: I did slow down (somewhat), I did plan a Canada Day party and I did make a stronger commitment to meditating. I also booked a pedicure, but it isn’t until into July so we’ll call that partially complete?

There were a few things I didn’t do. But in my defence, I didn’t have a lot of time. Lacrosse required a lot more time than I’d mentally prepared for. (But in a good way.)

Here’s something I didn’t do during June: keep track of basically anything. Nothing. Does it bother me? No, not really as a thing of it’s own. BUT, I promised myself I’d get better at it. Or that I’d at least try. And I didn’t do that. If I’m honest, I just pretended it wasn’t a thing. I don’t have an inner craving for order so that’s an easy approach.

So, during our ferry ride today, I pulled up a cubicle, I took out my Passion Planner and I did my passion roadmap for the back half of the year a week early.

What does my roadmap look like? Well, I’m not going to spill the details, but it is a lot more people oriented than any plans I’ve ever worked through and it articulated some long-term goals I’ve never written down.

It was refreshing and, truthfully, it was empowering.

Did you do everything you wanted to do in June? What were the highlights of your month?

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