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Lacrosse is fun

by Carly-Ann

There’s a lot that’s fun about this lacrosse season. The schedule, the guys, the winning.

Photo by Garrett James

In all the years I’ve worked in this sport, I feel comfortable saying that this team is something special. I’m not saying it in the sense that I think they’re going to go undefeated or they’re going to run the table. They’re going to fall down, they’re going to have setbacks. But here’s what I know about this team: they look at and to each other with and for respect, loyalty, brotherhood, and support and they will continue to do so through whatever comes. And that kind of stand up group of guys makes this whole whirlwind of a season a heck of a lot of fun, too.

Knowing this assembly of people – from the players to the support staff to the coaches to the families – has enriched my life and being a part of it is definitely making this a summer to remember. I’m soaking up every moment of it.

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