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by Carly-Ann

That’s what time the sun set today. It’s still a little light out, but it’s also obvious that it’ll wane now and quickly. It’s so nice to be in the midst of such such bright evenings and I’m determined to remain aware of them and to enjoy them as much as possible.

Today was a low-key and quiet day for me. I had to return The Library Book late last night. It was just a week long loan because I’d picked it up as a bestseller express book and I didn’t quite polish it off in that time. When we’d arrived at home after the draft, we’d left nearly right away for our weekly trip to the library. I moaned about not getting to finish it in time and Kevin talked me into trying to blast through the end of it. I had ninety pages left. He was sure I could do it and his confidence boosted mine. In truth, I probably could have except I fell asleep. No matter, I’m first on the wait list now so I should be able to get my hands on another copy within a week or two. (Update: while writing this, I received a notification that my hold had come in!)

Today, I focused on the book I’d been reading before I was interrupted by my quick loan. After finishing that one, I started another one that came as a recommendation from one of my friends on GoodReads. The first 70 pages seem to be setting up for my favourite kind of live story – the impossible one. I know it probably seems kind of strange, but I only really appreciate tragic love stories – the ones when somebody dies or, even better, when circumstances keep people apart.

We watched the WWE pay per view and while there were times I was glad we didn’t go (it was close, in Tacoma) – when Lacey Evans lost – there were times that made me wish we had – when Lacey Evans was the guest referee. I’m at a bit of a crossroads with WWE right now. While I like some of the new superstars, I find myself cringing at some of the old ones they keep bringing back and it feels like many of the storylines just keep getting recycled.

My favourite Sundays are just like this – uneventful, relaxing and totally enjoyable.

How did you spend your day??

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