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Draft day

by Carly-Ann

While Kevin and I have many differences, we also have a few things in common, too. One of them is a soft spot for joyous events. In particular, draft days.

We’ve been through several together for work purposes in lacrosse, we’ve listened to or watched a few from other sports and tomorrow we’ll attend our first NHL draft in person.

We had to miss the first day (which was only the first round, but also the biggest deal) because we had a lacrosse game tonight. (Lakers won 14-6 – hurrah!) But we’ll be there bright and early tomorrow for rounds two through seven.

What is it about drafts? It’s the opportunity to watch lives change right in front of your eyes. Its witnessing hard work turn into great opportunity. It’s big emotions, high stakes, possibly even some trade action and we can’t wait!

I posted the above picture on Twitter today announcing that we were ready for the draft, but Kevin made a special trip to the Canucks store today and now I’m REALLY ready for the draft tomorrow.

Not sure about draft day emotions? Watch RJ Barrett’s response to being drafted by the Knicks at the end of this video.

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