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Exploring the library

by Carly-Ann

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the things I love about this life that Kevin and I have together, it’s that we just seem to always be on an adventure. I attribute some of that to the fact that whenever an opportunity comes out way, we almost always take advantage of it. That’s always kind of been my style, but now that I’ve joined forces with someone similar, the fun has skyrocketed.

I mention this because today we took advantage of a poster I saw on the wall at the library when my mom and I went there on Mother’s Day.

A tour of the Vancouver Public Library? Count me in. I immediately put it in our shared calendar. Today, the day finally arrived.

I took the Skytrain downtown and met Kevin just before the tour was scheduled to begin. I’d had a funny feeling that it might just be the two of us and, sure enough, it was!

We met with our tour guide and set out on our exploration. We started on the top floor at the rooftop garden and made our way through each floor and all our way down to the bottom floor. We got see and learn a lot about the collection of books and, even more interestingly, the other resources that are housed at the library.

The timing for our tour was fantastic since I’m currently reading The Library Book which is detailing how the library is the centre of the community and makes countless resources available to everyone and for free. This tour really reinforced how much of a wealth the library is to every citizen whether they realize it or not.

The tours take places once a month and are usually posted on the VPL website. (Today’s mistakenly wasn’t which is what may have contributed to the low turnout.) Ours lasted less than an hour,l which felt like exactly the perfect length.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend taking them up in their offer of a guided look around. It was really informative and it changed the way we’ll use this branch of the library going forward.

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