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Care Bear Stare

by Carly-Ann

This whole post may sound super hokey and woo-woo, I don’t even know. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I thought something was totally normal, while people around me are wondering, “what is she thinking?!?”

Do you know about the idea of sending love to others? It’s the act of sharing good vibes and love almost telepathically to the people who surround you. We’re not just talking the people you know, but everyone. Maybe it’s a little like praying. As someone without any religious background, learning to pray has been a hurdle I’ve never quite cleared. I always feel like I don’t know how.

I move in and out of this practice of sending love. I’m better at it some days, other days it wanes. I don’t beat myself up when I’ve been absent from the practice, but I do try to get better at it when I am reminded to. I most often feel an internal alert when I encounter an elderly person, a person who is in need or especially when I cross paths with someone who really irks me. Sometimes, when I think of it, I just choose a random person to love up.

Here’s a better description of what I’m talking about. This article references three ways to send love – as a light beam, a diamond or warmth. I think you just have to find your own way that works. As I’ve developed mine, I’ve come to think of it as a Care Bear Stare. It’s just how I visualize it and when I searched this image today, it made me feel even better about it.

I realized very early on after adopting this practice that when I’m really committed to it and on my game, those are times when I feel most peaceful. Joy and the warmth of love are also easy to tap in to.

It’s something that makes me feel good all around so I’m hoping to really tap into this and make it a habit over the next few weeks and months. All this sunny weather sure makes sharing positivity a breeze!

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