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My thoughts on Trevor Noah

by Carly-Ann

I mean the show, not the person. Who am I to have thoughts on a person?

Let me start from the beginning. When we woke up today, we didn’t know we were going to be seeing him. We just kind of fell backwards into some tickets to see Trevor Noah. You see, our friend Julie – who I’ve often described as one of the most generous people we know – was supposed to be here for this show this weekend. Due to a last minute conflict, she had to cancel. That was a big bummer because we’d been looking forward to a visit. Since the show was tonight, we decided to go downtown, pick up her ticket and try to resell it to get back some of the money she’d lost.

It tuned into a little adventure. We stopped in at the library, had lunch at Hendricks in the Westin Grand (which is exactly the kind of hotel bar I adore) and finally walked over to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre because, by that time, will call had opened. Kevin handled the transaction then he walked over to me, shrugged and said, “I guess we’re going to see Trevor Noah tonight. There are three tickets here.”

We’d had no idea. I mean, we knew that Julie was going to the show, but we hadn’t realized that we were, too.

I’ve mentioned this before, I know, but it’s moments like these that remind me how much I love this life of ours. I love that these opportunities come up and I love that Kevin and I are both of the temperament that when faced with decisions like these, we don’t even have to discuss it. We just do it without even thinking.

So, there we were: going to see Trevor Noah.

We had a little more time to kill so that’s exactly what we did, wandering around and checking out the area. We got into the theatre just after the doors opened. We grabbed drinks and then headed to our seats…IN THE SECOND ROW.

Yes, seriously.

As someone who walked in relatively unfamiliar with this gentleman, I was pretty much blown away by his performance. Here are just a few of the thoughts I had throughout the show.

  • Unbridled jealousy of the friends in his stories about having dinner with friends. Before tonight, I never had an answer to the question, “who would you have dinner with?” It’s Trevor Noah!
  • He is so funny, but never in a cheap or dumb way. In fact, some of his jokes land painfully close to home. He is sharp, he is intelligent, he is thoughtful and I love that combination.
  • He speaks six languages. That is, I swear to god, my favourite trait in a person.
  • I need to learn more about this guy.

We left that theatre reminded of how great it feels to just laugh – and laugh and laugh, with smiles plastered to our faces and determined to get home and put on his latest Netflix special. Check out Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia now and if you get the chance to see his live show, DO NOT pass it up.

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