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19 for 2019: Get married or stop talking about it

by Carly-Ann

This is one of the 19 for 2019 goals that I wanted to expand on. After I posted about the first few and the year started to take on a life of its own, I just never came back to it. Now, here we are.

Here we are on the two year anniversary of what would have been our wedding day. I’d written about the planning we’d done on the actual day two years ago and reading it back now made me smile. It would have been a lot of pretty and delicious fun.

Alas, we pulled the plug about halfway through the planning and we’ve never really looked back. Occasionally someone will ask if we ever got married and it’s usually met with a groan. (From me, at least. Maybe Kevin responds differently.)

I don’t really have any feelings about cancelling, to be honest. The only slight regret that I feel is that we didn’t just do it then because now we’re in a position to start all over. *IF* that’s what we decide to do, that is. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t.

Here’s our dilemma, as I see it. Neither of us feel really compelled to have a wedding. It doesn’t seem to be high on Kevin’s priority list and it certainly isn’t high on mine. Do we want to be married? Sure. It’s just the wedding piece that is standing in our way. So that’s how we end up where we are – in limbo.

I’m an action person. I am not a talker. Nothing is a more terrorizing combination of embarrassment and aggravation to me than saying I’m going to do something and not following through with it. And that’s how this resolution came to be.

As clearly stated, we’re going to spend some time this year either coming up with a wedding/elopement plan or we’ll have a solid answer when people ask when we’re getting married: we’re not.

And instead of celebrating our cotton anniversary, I’m going to finish the night in a bar with twenty guys (Kevin included) and I’m okay with that.

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Sarah June 12, 2019 - 8:57 am

E is for EASY
L is for LOVE
O is for OWN
P is for PRIVATE

Carly-Ann June 12, 2019 - 2:23 pm

I love it! Did you make that up?!?


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