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New Moon in Gemini

by Carly-Ann

Is this a lesson? Is it a wake-up call? After articulating my desire to slow down, I had the fastest day ever today. As I told Hillary this afternoon, “I’ve been in my office for eight hours and I’ve done everything for others and not one thing to benefit my own work load.” Honestly, it felt like I’d been there for 2.5 hours max, but in reality my entire day was spent. I didn’t want to hang around for another few hours just to put a dent in the things I’d had planned for my day, but I’ll be hard pressed to find or make the time to get caught up.

This led to a lengthy pep talk discussion about mindfulness, embracing the moment and strategies for slowing things down. Did we come up with any solid answers? Probably not. But we did stumble on the one thing that may have had us both feeling a little off after the weekend.

New Moon in Gemini. Of course.

That took place at 3:02PST this afternoon and as I researched it more, my suspicions were solidified.

As Stephanie Gailing described it,

When it comes to communication, we’re invited to begin again this week, initiating a new chapter when it comes to the way in which we want to gather and share information, and circumnavigate our environment.

And also,

As we’re inspired to flit here and there, gathering an array of inputs and experiences that meet our need to learn this and know that, it’s important to still stay mindful so as not to be too overwhelmed in our minds and frayed in our nerves.

More from her Stellar Insights here.

I’ve been feeling a little bit of a Mercury retrograde kind of vibe. Communications are getting scrambled, things are not lining up. I’m hopeful that this move into Gemini will right some of that. I’m welcoming the opportunity to better relate, understand and work with people. This is, after all, the way I’ve been drawn over the last several weeks. Coincidence? I doubt it.

So, feeling as scattered as I was well into the evening, I decided to pull some cards to have a look forward and to spend a little time in meditation.

Once again, I turned to the Labyrinthos website for a card spread that spoke particularly to this lunation. Through the process, I found this passage that seems to also fit particularly well with my current inner climate.

When the mind finds itself in such a state of confusion, we need to reach out to others, not be so concentrated on our own inner dialogue, but distract our ever-active psyche with more practical tasks at hand – tasks that involve others and their worries and concerns. We need to seek help but we also need to help others.

Here’s the spread and the card meanings and placements.

  1. Where have I been too self-centered? – Where have I been too focused on myself to be able to consider others? • Six of Cups ~ memories, nostalgia, reminiscences, longing, seeking solace
  2. How has that affected those I care about? – What are the effects on those I love around me? • King of Pentacles ~ “the ability to produce and be practical,” an expectation of hard work
  3. How can I be more reliable? – What must I harness in order to become more present for those around me? • Queen of Pentacles ~ this card speaks to me of generousity, gratitude and appreciation for all things – body, food, land
  4. What can give me clarity in the chaos? – How can I best stabilize the churning thoughts in my mind? • Three of Cups ~ friendship, communication, enjoyment of others and, as one of my resources suggested, the creation of one’s own circle of kindred spirits

I did the draw using my Everyday Witch deck and I drew an additional card from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light deck. In that one I drew the Get Grounded card which suggests exactly what it sounds like. It even counsels,

It is easy to get swept up in the high-frequency energies that are swirling around the planet. The quickest and most effective way of clearing all of this from your field is to ground yourself by connecting with Mother Earth.

I feel like a lot of these cards hit on many of the things I’ve talking and thinking and writing about recently. It reinforces the dawn of an interesting time.

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