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May in review

by Carly-Ann

I’m on my way up-Island in a bus full of thirty men, many of them shirtless. We’re racing our way there because even though we blasted out of the arena after a massive comeback win in Victoria, nobody accounted for the traffic we ran into on the Malahat. It transformed a slim, but likely departure on the last ferry of the night into a virtual impossibility.

We’ve appealed to BC Ferries to hold the boat for five minutes (our tragically tight estimated arrival time according to Google) and we’re hopeful, but we won’t know until we get there.

It’s the end of the month and it’s another one that’s gone by in a whirlwind. It’s a little frightening how fast time is flying.

May felt like it had a distinctive shift as I spent more time on personal relationships and more energy focusing on my approach to personal relationships. It’s been as surprising as it has been nice.

I’ve always been blessed to be surrounded by great people. It’s never been hard for me to meet new people or to make friends, often in random places. I like to feel connected to people and I tend to be quite diligent in that regard. I use the numbers I get. I ask about opportunities to spend time wth people. I follow up with others when I say I will. I like relating and perhaps the ease with which I do it helped me to take it for granted.

The past month (or so) has brought a new focus to nurturing my relationships and it’s brought with it a new flavour of delight. I can’t articulate it much better than that, but perhaps I’ll find the words soon.

I had to review my goals for the month to remember what I’d specifically had in mind. I actually love a lot of the things I’d wanted to do and still want to do them, but I just haven’t. Bake that cake, hiking, Seawall, portraits, The Worthy Project. Sigh. It all sounds so good. In reality, I did plan some travel, I did work on some blackout poetry (didn’t finish any) and I did decide on the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon and it’s a no. I’m having way too much fun with lacrosse this season and I’d miss two games if I went down there for it.

Some things I/we did do this month:

Overall, I’d say it was a good month.

How was May for you? Did you do all the things you wanted to?

In case you’re wondering, we did make the ferry thanks to the help of a few wonderful and dedicated BC Ferries employees.

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