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by Carly-Ann

We watched a lot of TV today (and we don’t even watch Game of Thrones!) Part of it was planned and part of it just kind of happened. It isn’t something we do too often, so it was kind of fun.

The WWE pay per view Money In The Bank was today so that was our big plan for the afternoon. It was fun and it was exciting and I’m not just saying that because my big prediction came true. There were actually fewer disappointing results than normal so that’s a win in my book.

Midway through, I noticed on Twitter that the Raptors game was going into OT so we took a pause and flipped over there for ten minutes of OT (that take more like thirty, of course.) It was edge of your seat basketball and 

We went back and watched MITB and its surprise, not terrible (for once) ending.

Once that was over and done with, we switched over to the final few episodes of Veep. Now, Veep has been one of my favourite shows ever since we started watching it a few years ago. I ADORE Julia Louis-Dreyfus, for one, but the writing is so sharp and so witty and also so tragically brutal.

Veep Season 7, episode 7 photo: Colleen Hayes/HBO

The ending? It was good and complicated and messy and I cried my eyes out for Gary. Honestly. That was an ending that kind of changed the way I felt about all 65 episodes.


And once we got through that, we moved on to Dead To Me. Kevin had heard some good things about it and, though we’ve only watched a few episodes, the stories check out.


Even though we don’t watch Game of Thrones (or so I thought), but I actually have a funny story about it.

Just last week, Kevin called to me in the kitchen saying, “did you hear what happened on Game of Thrones?” To which I replied, “Yeah,yeah. Arya killed the winter king or whatever and…” He screamed back, “don’t tell me spoilers! I was talking about the coffee cup!” Apparently *I* don’t watch it, but he does (although I’m not sure when.) How could I have known he wasn’t talking about what *actually* happened?!?! Come on, man.

And now our brains are fried, but we’re going to watch just one more episode…

What are you watching these days? What are you loving?

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Sarah M May 20, 2019 - 5:33 am

My TV-watching muscle seems to have atrophied from disuse. Even when I sit down specifically to watch TV, I’m not paying attention. I half-watched the latest season of Survivor with no clue who was who up to the finale. I tried to catch up on some Netflix recently. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was o-kaaay but it got a little absurd (too meta) and I was not annoyed to doze off. I started the newest season of Kim’s Convenience (do you know this show? It’s Canadian!) but got bored half way through a half hour episode and left it for weeks before finishing it this weekend. I think I watched 2 more subsequent eps as it was cold and rainy. I’m just not the binge-watching champ I used to be. That’s probably a good thing but sometimes I *need* to just sit and zone out and I struggle to do it.

Carly-Ann May 20, 2019 - 7:37 pm

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend started with such promise, didn’t it?? I highly recommend Veep (and not only because I need someone to watch it so I can debrief with them!)


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