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Hello weekend

by Carly-Ann

This morning I walked into a day that was filled with more meetings than minutes. Thankfully the rest of it had mercy and just kind of blew by without incident. I was NOT expecting that.

After a few weeks of feeling like I couldn’t get on top of my work, I finally turned a corner and started to make some progress. I caught up. I finished a couple of projects. I wrote some policy. It was good.

It was also pretty draining.

My high protein goal posts have started to get easier to reach and, at the same time, harder. I’m feeling better, but it’s also kind of sucked the life out of me at the same time. I’m really holding out hope that there was some truth in my NDs belief that solving this “story about my digestion” will play out. I’m eating a lot of the same things all the time and that’s getting boring. I rarely look forward to meals, they’re more like a have to than a want to. (And I thought I wasn’t into food before!)

I’ve started to crave only two things: pistachios and celery. I love them both, but neither are warm and I’m supposed to be focusing on that, too. Sigh. It’s all so much work, so much juggling.

This weekend, we’re doing the usual: library trip tomorrow morning, some errands and household chores, etc. We’re doing our best to lay low on Saturday. On Sunday, we’re heading to the finish line of the Vancouver Marathon. We’ve done it for the last several years and it’s so fun and rewarding. I’m really excited about that.

And about some sleep.

What are you up to this weekend?

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