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Here we go again – round two

by Carly-Ann

So the went right down to the wire, it in a remarkable turn of events, almost all the underdogs made their way through the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. That includes all four wild card teams taking down all four division leaders. Needless to say, nearly everyone’s bracket has been blown sky high.

If you’re attached to a particular team, it’s fun to move forward, but I’m of the belief that it’s way more fun to not have a horse in the race.

Here’s what’s on the docket.

  • Bruins vs Blue Jackets (Boston leads 1-0 after tonight’s game one)
  • Islanders vs Hurricanes
  • Blues vs Stars
  • Sharks vs Avalanche

As much as I’m into CBJ, there’s really only one team who I’d be slightly disappointed to see win the Cup, although another is slowly creeping on my nerves. But honestly, I don’t really care and that’s such a relief.

Here’s my second chance bracket. We’ll see how long until this one goes up in flames.

What are your hopes/predictions for the second round?

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