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Relief for itchy feet

by Carly-Ann

Remember when, a few weeks ago, I was talking about feeling super grounded, but not in the rich, soul-nourishing, connected to the earth kind of way? I was feeling like I had gone anywhere or done anything in too long. I’d had no travel and no plans for any in the future.

Well, thank god that is over. We booked two trips on the weekend and even though they aren’t taking place for a while, it’s still a relief to know my name is on a couple of airline tickets.

First up, we have a trip to Toronto on the agenda. This is mostly jam packed with events, but I’m hoping to visit a few places and do some things I’ve wanted to get to for a while.

  • Visit friends and loved ones.
  • Booyah! Ice cream tacos, yo. And I once made my friend go there just so he could send me a photo.
  • Balzacs, several locations. For Citro Boosters – hot or cold, I’ll take them all.

Our hotel was already booked, but our flights were etched in stone this weekend. It’s real!

Later on this year, the family trip to Vegas which also got finalized and purchased this weekend. Flights, hotels are taken care of so now we just have to think about how to fill up four days worth of fun.

I have been thinking a lot about travel over the last few weeks – you can probably tell. I don’t know how people live without it. Last night I even asked Kevin how much he likes to travel. After we agreed that we both love it, we started talking about how we should get a cheap little place to live and instead of spending our money on being at home, we ought to spend it all on being away from home. Maybe someday we will do that.

Do you have travel fantasies? Please share them!

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