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March in review

by Carly-Ann

April tomorrow? Whoa.

March was another month that went by in a blur. I feel like I was just lamenting how quickly February had passed and already here we are, one whole month later. In light of my feelings about February going by like a bullet train, I’d started contemplating how to make the time count more. I can’t stop the clock, after all. However unfortunately.

Well, while I may have thought about it, I certainly didn’t act on it.

I had to look back at what my goals even were for this month and it pains me to admit that they were pretty darn soft…AND I STILL DIDN’T SATISFY THEM.

Except one: I quit Facebook. And I made the decision to scale back my use of my phone. So, I managed one and and half?


What did happen in March? Hmmm.

We had the time change. That was tough. I’m not normally sensitive to daylight savings changes and this year wasn’t overly painful, but it took my a long time to adjust psychologically. I was foggy all week, confused – and it was only an hour. All that said, I eventually adjusted and I am so happy now. I love the bright early mornings and how late it stays light out in the evenings.

I watched a lot of hockey. I went to six Canucks games. I am extremely grateful for these opportunities so I don’t want this to come across as a complaint, but between those and Warriors lacrosse games, it felt like I lived at Rogers Arena.

I saw a new naturopath for an intake appointment and I feel like we’re going to be a great team. This was a game changer for me. It makes me so happy.

We started our Lent commitment to an anti-inflammation diet and it’s been equally rewarding and challenging.

We watched the first season of A Million Little Things and that was pretty good.

I went to see Come From Away and it was outstanding. If you get the chance, go.

We saw Nate Bargatze, my favourite comic and I’m still warm and fuzzy about his show.

How was your March? What were the highlights? Challenges?

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