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The west coast food privilege

by Carly-Ann

We’re approaching the midway point of our forty day food experiment (aka Lent) and if you were to ask me how it was going, I’d tell you two things.

  1. I feel fantastic. My energy has skyrocketed and many of my minor aches, pains and twitches have disappeared.
  2. The anti-inflammation diet honeymoon is over.

It isn’t that I don’t like it or that it’s even that hard, it’s just that it’s something I have to think about all the damn time. I feel like I’m always on guard. I can’t just order a salad because I need to make sure it doesn’t have tomatoes or corn in it. I have to make sure I make a modification to a fish dish in case it’s being served with a side of potatoes. Stuff like that. There isn’t anything I’m particularly craving and I’m certainly not thinking about anything overly indulgent, but I’m ready for a little freedom.

Truth is, I’m excited to get through this experiment, get back to the naturopath, analyze my DNA information and come up with a new, more tailored eating plan with, perhaps, a little more exploration or elimination testing even.

Today we were on the go. We were out a little late after the lacrosse game last night so we weren’t rushed to get up, but when we did get moving, we headed to my folks’ to do a little more walking down memory lane and, in some cases, trashing some of the scenery. After several hours there, we hurried home so that Kevin could get ready for work and so that I could get ready to go to the hockey game with my girl, Cara. In the midst of all that, we didn’t really get to eat anything so Kevin had the genius idea of trying Freshii for the first time. We’ve seen a million of them and have even talked about going, but we’ve just never done it. So we did. He got a salad and I got a bowl because I’m supposed to be focusing on warm foods. And you know what? It was legitimately good, healthy food that was modifiable to our needs, but actually required very few tweaks. We’ll certainly be going back!

Hours later at the hockey game, I was able to sip on a green smoothie from Jugo Juice and I was reminded of just how lucky we are to have the variety of food that we do in this area. Sure, my diet is pretty limited right now, but if I run out of time or want to grab something on the go, there are reasonable possibilities at nearly every place I go. Sure, it may take some modifications and a little detective work, but it’s possible and that’s a real privilege.

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