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The power of light

by Carly-Ann

Happy Full Moon in Libra! Happy Spring!

I know everyone grumbles about Daylight Savings Time and I had a few of my own complaints in the days after it began this year. I could not for the life of my get acquainted with the time no matter what time it was. I’ve finally started to get my bearings and I don’t know if it’s the change in eating and the healing my body as a result, if it’s the arrival of spring or if it’s the fact that it has been *gorgeous* and sunny here for a few straight days, but I am feeling fantastic and on a happiness high.

I think I’m not the only one. Coworkers seem more light-hearted and I’m noticing more smiles when I pass people on the street.

I’ve also started to notice some changes at home. Remember my really old cat? Well, she might live forever.

I worked from home yesterday and the balcony door was open the whole time. We have a pretty sizeable space out there with some plants, a couple of chairs, a barbecue and lots of room for cats to lounge around. I noticed that they spent a lot of time out there, basking in the sun, nosing around in the things they haven’t seen in months, looking out over the city and just generally having a good time. Even their moods seem to have improved, like our human ones. In fact – KNOCK ON WOOD – the night time rituals have even improved.

My only complaint? With the skies bright as they are as late as they are, I really have to watch the clock. I’d gotten into a solid routine of going to bed a decent hour, but I lose track of time when it’s still light late into the evening.

Take some time to enjoy the spirit of the Full Moon happening at almost the exact time that I’m posting this. Themes for this lunation include: relationships with oneself and others, emotional balance, self esteem, mirrors, new phase, astrological new year.

The Full Moon in Libra image above is from The Witch’s Box website, a great source for information. Go pay them a visit and join their mailing list.

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