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Status update

by Carly-Ann

Today has been a very strange day.

I woke up much earlier than I normally would, but there I was and instead of going back to bed, I decided to capitalize on the quiet of the morning before anyone else got moving.

After I got everything settled, I headed out for a run – my first in over a month. All the snow and ice was really getting me down and then it stole my motivation. Getting back to it felt *amazing* and I was so relieved that my body remembered more than I expected.

I had a full day of work and the best part is that I made a lot of progress on a lot of things and I did it fast. The clock seemed to tick by sooooooo slowly which just meant more boxes on my list that got checked off. It was fantastic!

So, midway through the afternoon, I was written a thoughtful (about astrology, ahem) email to someone at work and I just happened to look up. Flying right toward our balcony, right at eye level, was a bald eagle! It flew towards and then around the balcony and all the living room windows and I looked up at the exact moment to see it. It gave me goosebumps and I’ve been pondering the symbolism ever since.

Yesterday, I went to conference where much to my surprise, my friend John delivered the key note. I got a text from him on Wednesday night that said, “see you in the morning” and literally squealed. It was so great to see him, to hear his inspirational speaking on employee engagement and labour strategy and to spend the day learning from others as well.

But it’s the weekend now and I am ready for it.

I’d intended to make this post an update on my social media anguish and what I’ve chosen to do with it as a result. I worried that it wouldn’t provide much content so it’s kind of good I’ve rambled on about everything in my day/week because otherwise it’s look like this:

I still hate Facebook so I tore it all down.

The End.

Have a great weekend! I know this has been boring. Thanks for hanging out.

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