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RIP Luke Perry

by Carly-Ann

Luke Perry died today and I feel kind of weird about that. I’m not one to keep up with celebrity fodder and who’s dating who, etc really kind of bores me. This, however, it feels meaningful, like a bit of an eye opener. It isn’t like I am shaking my fists at the sky asking why, oh why? but it is unsettling. He’s older than I am, but having been in/around high school at the same time he was on TV, that’s a little too close for comfort.

When I heard the news late this afternoon, I immediately texted the only person I knew would understand my feelings.

Luke Perry died. I wasn’t a huge 90210 fan, but it still feels weird. Like we’re now in an age group that can just die of health complications. I know he was a little older, but still. Close.

She replied.

EXACTLY how I felt about it. A massive stroke at 52?!

Like celebrity news, celebrity deaths don’t really rock my world, but I think I finally caught a glimpse of the reasons why other people feel so struck at the news that the world lost another famous person. Perhaps it isn’t necessarily the loss of that exact being, but the reflection of ourselves that we saw in them.

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