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All my friends are in Hawaii

by Carly-Ann

Okay, not ALLLLLL of them, but it certainly feels like that’s true. Six – SIX – of my friends are in Hawaii right now and that doesn’t even include the one who lives there. And only two of them are there together. Plus my acupuncturist. She’s there, too.

Ever since Kevin and I started dating, I’ve been saying I want to go to Hawaii. That, as we covered last week, has been eight years. Funny enough, in those eight years, that isn’t among the long list of places we’ve actually been. We’ve been to Detroit, to San Antonio, Prague, to Seattle, Portland, Calgary, Toronto, Orlando, Arizona, Whistler, Ucluelet, Victoria, the list goes on and I’m sure I’m missing some of the destinations.

Still, in all of our planning and traveling, we’ve never made it to The Aloha State and I don’t really even know why. Usually when we’re traveling, there was is a reason – an event, a game, a loved one or two. Just like last week was the first time we’ve had a week off at the same time and not gone anywhere, we’ve never gone anywhere just to visit. And that’s probably why we’ve never prioritized this trip – it isn’t our usual type of vacation. I envision a lot of time on the beach, a suitcase full of books, a mostly quiet time interrupted by hiking, swimming and exploring. But mostly the beach.

We have our travel plans for 2019 mostly laid out, but maybe Hawaii will end up on our radar next year. Until then, I’m living vicariously through my friends. Send postcards!

This was the last time I was in Hawaii, back in 2007 when I visited my friend, Jason.

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