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Reset (I’m starting early on#YWAReset)

by Carly-Ann

We had a really fun weekend with Julie while she was here. We did a doughnut tour of the city, visited two local libraries and she and Kevin went to the Canucks game last night. During down periods, we all read our books and enjoyed the company and conversation. Now, it’s Sunday night and tomorrow we’ll go back to work.

Whenever I’m away from work for a while, I feel conflicted about going back. On one hand, I’m surrendering all my freedom, but on the other, the structure is also kind of nice.

We realized early last week that this was the first time we’ve both had a week off of work and stayed in town. Every other time, it’s either been just me or just Kevin taking time off OR we’ve been out of town for the majority of it. As much as I wish we’d put together some plans for an escape, it was nice to be around, too and to just chill out. We got done long-standing household errands completed, we made some headway on some projects we’ve been working on and we got to enjoy some quiet time alone. It was refreshing and it actually even felt like we got back in touch in some ways. We’re all so busy and running around all the time. To have a string of days when we didn’t necessarily have anywhere to be or anything we were required today made for a nice change.

Today, I sat down with my Passion Planner to plan my week ahead and I felt rejuvenated and refocused. That was nice. I took a break from it while I was considering my goals for the week. I was thinking along the lines of taking advantage of the break and phrases like fresh start, but I couldn’t quite articulate my desires. I walked away and sat down to my email instead. I figured I wouldn’t force it.

Amid all the newsletters and spam, I read through this week’s Yoga With Adriene email and thought about taking on March as one of my YWA months of dedication. (One of my 19 for 2019.) The calendar came out today and it’s intention in RESET.

After getting my bag and clothes ready for tomorrow and while Kevin worked on dinner, I went back to my calendar planning and then it dawned on me.


That’s my inspiration for the week!

Today is also the most popular day for people I know to be born. Happy birthday, Julie, Mark and Karen!

What are you choosing to focus on this week? Do you have any upcoming goals in your sights?

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