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#Minsgame2019: days 16-20

by Carly-Ann

If I thought being on vacation was going to be conducive to getting ahead at my Minimalism Challenge, I was WRONG. No, as I already knew, I like to spend my downtime doing anything but tidying, cleaning or any variation of either. But I did it. Well, for days 16-20, that is. I’m already declaring that I’m taking a few days off while we have a houseguest and I, quite frankly, want to enjoy my waning holiday time.

Day 16: I really wanted to take the challenge seriously and didn’t want to cut any corners so instead of counting the pens or the massive stack of felt or each skein of yarn, I counted the groups as one each. My outdated identity as a crafter took a hit, but I cleaned out two full storage boxes.

Note to self: Kevin is something of an enabler. When I showed him a project I really love, but only partly finished in the months after we started dating, he told me I should keep it. I was easily convinced, but I set an alarm in my calendar that if it wasn’t done by October or if I wasn’t willing at that time to commit to completing it, then it’ll be turfed. (See, I told you the entries in my calendar are random.)

Day 17: Some of the people in my group have had a lot of success in the bathroom cupboards. I enjoyed the success of cleaning mine, but I didn’t have a lot of product to give away. It seems whenI open it, I use it, but it’s the samples that get me!

Day 18: More bathroom stuff, more freebies and samples.

Day 19: More clothes, more bags, more junk.

Day 20: Party decorations, stationery, a zillion electronics cords that I doubt I’ve ever had any idea what to do with and a pretty offensive doll leftover from another era.

I’ll carry on and post updates, but they probably won’t be very timely. Just saying.

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