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Welcome to Pisces season. ♓️

As you may or may not have heard, the Moon was full in the sign of Virgo earlier today, at 7:53am PST.

For the second lunation in a row, I turned to the Spirit Daughter workbook series and found it to be quite meaningful to my learning.

They likened a Full Moon in Virgo being a coming home to yourself. As I’ve documented, being Carly has been a theme in recent months.

In addition to that,

Virgo, more than any other sign, reminds us that we must first serve ourselves before we can help others. To see the gift we can offer people around us, we need to provide ourself space and time to become one with our true essence.

For my tarot spread, I went back to Labyrinthos for guidance and their Full Moon in Virgo spread. Again, this is a three card spread focused on the following:

  1. Where can I be more organized? – What is messy in my life that needs more structure and process? King of Wands
  2. What in my life needs to be restructured? – What needs to be analyzed, carefully considered, and rebuilt? The Lovers
  3. How can I step into my role as a healer? – What can I offer the world? How do I embrace it? King of Cups

Interestingly, the card that represents Virgo is The Hermit which is also the card I drew – and loved – at the start of my last Moon ritual.

And as for what I’m reading in the cards, well, I won’t elaborate too deeply since some of it is still percolating, but I have been wondering lately about my ability to radiate and in some cases even feel love. Both The Lovers and the King of Cups are shining some light on that.

How do you serve yourself in the process of serving others?

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