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My early 19 for 2019 fail

by Carly-Ann

I made my list. I check it periodically. So far, I’ve ditched one goal and have started to contemplate…do I add another in its place? Probably, but I haven’t decided exactly what it will be yet.

In the meantime, I came to the crashing realization today that I am failing at another one.

#17. Celebrate minor holidays.

This one should have been a lock. It should have been easy. It’s one that I was already pretty established at, but that I wanted to really commit to this year. So far, well, I’m flailing.

Exhibit A: I started to make Year of the Pig magnets to celebrate Lunar New Year, but after the prototype was complete, the only progress I made was cutting out some of the shapes and then I bailed.

Exhibit B: I unpacked and utilized approximately 15% of my Valentines Day decorations TODAY. I have plates and mugs, pajamas, scarves, socks – none of it was used this year. I didn’t send ANY Valentines at all. That just isn’t me.

The Valentines thing is weird. I love Valentine’s Day. But for some reason, it just didn’t come up on my radar this year.

Thankfully, my friend Nikki confessed to being in the same predicament this year. It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

Also thankfully, my favourite Valentines won’t hold my lack of preparation against me.

But I need to get it together for the rest of the year. With Pancake Day, St Patrick’s Day and Easter on the horizon, I’m going to get lots of practice!

Not all hope for me is lost. Rest assured, Kevin has a gift waiting for him when he gets home from work and we’re heading out to a movie tonight.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

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Sarah February 15, 2019 - 9:22 am

Don’t be too jealous but Joel & I hit the gym (and the jackpot with an unannounced appearance by substitute slash all-around BEST swim class instructor!). Then we went to Costco. Completed the romance-a-thon by eating leftovers at 8 PM.


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