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Let people show you who they are

by Carly-Ann

This is a saying that I love. It’s one of my favourites.

I’ve had a few experiences lately that have reminded me that it’s in the moments when people are not necessarily at their best when they show you who they really are. And instead of writing their excuses for them and sifting through all the possible reasons, I like to just take a step back and accept that it’s an opportunity to learn.

So they weren’t a good friend. So they forgot something that was really important to me. So they talked about me behind my back. So they didn’t act with integrity. So they chose to go low.

It reminds me of another of my favourite sayings.

I take this one to heart. And I apply it to a lot of things – the words people use, the actions they take, the things that they do.

When it happens, it’s okay. Now more than I ever, I am confident in the decisions that I make for myself and accepting what comes my way – and what I choose to move on from.

Remember this. It’s one of the most powerful discoveries I’ve made. Sometimes it isn’t you, it’s them.

So, these are a couple of the sayings I remind myself of often. Which words of wisdom get you through the day?

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