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by Carly-Ann

It’s been kind of a rough week. I mentioned it yesterday already, but I really am really bummed about the cold weather. Not because it’s cold, I actually love the cold, but because of the things that come along with it and make the running conditions dangerous.

My favourite race of last year was planned for this weekend, but old Winter Storm Maya got in the way. Fortunately, the race company is handling it as best they can and have postponed it by a week, but also offered free deferrals for anyone who couldn’t make the new date. (A deferral affords you registration in the same race in the following year. Most races only allow it if you can prove an injury and many don’t allow it at all.) We could have made it to the rescheduled race and we were planning to, but I’ve been watching the wintry weather is creeping into next week’s forecast every day until I finally floated the idea that we heed all the signs telling us not to do it and take advantage of the opportunity to defer. Since Kevin’s still battling injury, it’s better this way, although I’m sad we’ll have no Valentines Race this year.

I’m getting ready to go on vacation towards the end of next week and am I ever looking forward to it. Again, my fantasy is to take a stack of library books and spend the entire time just reading and reading and reading. Kevin is off at the same time, too, so we’ll probably get up to some fun, too.

I feel a bit like I’m crashing and that it was really meaningful that I drew The Hermit card with the New Moon the other day. I’m sure it’s just the lull after all the excitement of the holidays and then the New Year. I think this weekend I’ll put it my Valentines decorations and maybe that’ll breathe some life back into me.

What are you up to this weekend?

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