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Sunrise, work, work, work

by Carly-Ann

7am. This was how this day began – and with a full day of work and a full lacrosse draft in the books, I feel like that’s the last time I saw the light of day.

It was a busy day on all fronts and I got so much done, but at the same time, I feel like I barely moved.

This weather is getting me down because there’s ice/water/ice that keeps melting and spreading around and freezing and my running routes are all covered over and I can’t bring myself to get on a treadmill, but I’m going to need to soon.

For now, I’ve been online for about sixteen hours now so I need to be offline again stat. But I send my heartfelt congratulations to all the players selected in the WLA Draft tonight. I’ll only get to know a few, but I look forward to it. I pray that those who didn’t hear their names called know that their opportunities to not end here. Keep working hard and having faith and you can make it. Hang in there.

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