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Things I do every day

by Carly-Ann

Routine. It ain’t my thing.

My friend Greg is going through what he calls “the year of being uncomfortable.” He’s doing it on purpose, doing things that help him grow, trying things that he doesn’t necessarily like, but that might be good for him, putting himself to the test by living outside of his established norm.

He’s been creating this reality since well before 2019 started. He’s invested his time into making it all come together and designing the challenges that he wants to experience or meet along the way.

I identify with that. Something that makes me uncomfortable (as we have covered a zillion times) is routine. But I wanted to really try to do some things that don’t always come easy to me and I wanted to experiment to see if consistency was the key to making them easier or maybe even more enjoyable.

Here’s my daily checklist over and above any plans or commitments that I have:

  1. Write a blog post
  2. Post a photo on Instagram
  3. Meet my step goal
  4. Complete 100 Duolingo XP
  5. Daily Lumosity workout

And next month, I’ll add the task of decluttering on a daily basis.

All of those things as one are easy. As five they get a little more challenging. Often I’m laying in bed doing my language training immediately before I go to sleep. Or trying to write while we’re watching a favourite tv show. Or taking another lap around the block to catch up on steps I missed while stuck at my desk.

It’s been 25 days (well, it’s been 162 for #1 – !!) and I’m really starting to feel the challenge. Funnily enough, the writing has become second nature. I can manage that rather easily, but the other stuff? That’s getting to be a drag. I don’t know whether it is that I can post to my blog every day because there is enough freedom and break from the same old, same old that it feels just new enough to keep it fresh. Maybe the language and brain training is too much the same, day in and day out?

Whatever it is, I’m definitely feeling, like Greg, a little uncomfortable this year and I am starting to wonder if this is a sign that I should give up on my daily tasks and Be Carly (who happens to defy routine) or if it is a sign to keep pushing through past the discomfort and see if the routine becomes enjoyable (a la daily blogging.)

Routine followers declare that the only way to be successful is to follow a strict routine, but I would challenge them in saying that I think we may quite possibly have very different definitions of success.

I discovered this quote today and I think it’ll become a new favourite.

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