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One little word for 2019

by Carly-Ann

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m big on words. Whether reading them, writing them, wearing them, looking at them or ruminating on them, i like them. A lot.

Last month I talked about picking a theme for the holidays. I also made mention of picking a one word theme for a year as a variation of making a resolution. The latter is something I’ve really enjoyed in the past. Granted, my attention to the detail of it waxes and wanes throughout the year, but I have found it to be one of my favourite ways to devote myself to my own cause. Probably the most meaningful year I’ve had was my first when I picked the word nourish. At that time, I needed to be fed and supported even if I was the only one providing those resources. It worked and I learned to take care of my mind, heart and body in ways I hadn’t cared to before.

This week, I’ve been getting caught up on my favourite podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin and a one word theme is something that she has talked about on there for the last two years. In episode 201, the hosts, Gretchen and her sister, Liz Craft, reveal their words for 2019. They chose growth and #6, respectively.

Listening to them talk, contemplating some of the writing I’ve been doing this year and remembering some of the conversations I’ve been having (hi, GS!) I realized how I’d actually already and unbeknownst to me selected my word for the year.

I came to it in a roundabout kind of way. Everything about me is craving it, it is what I am thinking about, what I am structuring my life around, it was in the habits I am crafting and the practices I am undertaking.

So, what does it mean to me?

Mindfulness. Being and in and of this moment only. Being present.

Dedication. Doing one thing and one thing only.

Devotion. Seeing through the work that required my attention and not looking part it or away from it.

Commitment. Staying the course.

Did you pick one little word for 2019? What was it? How are you planning to live it?

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