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Date day #1

by Carly-Ann

So, on Sunday we went on our first offline date and it was a smashing success! Kevin did a great job of planning and we worked within that framework to piece together a really fun day.

It all started at Aphrodites Organic Cafe, a restaurant I really like, and it started with brunch.

Omelettes for both of us and we were stuffed and ready for our next stop which just happened to be right across the street at Banyen Books. I love this shop. From its incense smell to its wide variety of books and statues, stones and other treasures, every visit is an adventure.

From their website:

We are Canada’s most comprehensive metaphysical bookstore, offering a broad spectrum of resources from humanity’s spiritual, healing, and earth wisdom traditions.

I took a stroll through the shelves stopping for TCM and A Course in Miracles, Buddhism and tarot cards. Kevin wandered into the more palpable displays that include yoga mats and incense, crystals and clothing.

It’s funny how much my library routine has changed my approach to books. I still love to be in the midst of books, but I no longer feel any need to actually own them.

We left having bought just one item, an acupressure mat. I’ve wanted to try one for a while now so as soon as Kevin showed a little interest, I jumped on the chance to get one!

Our next (planned) stop would have been The Museum of Anthropology or The Vancouver Art Gallery, but we called an audible and decided to head to North/West Van for some exploring instead.

At first we went to one of those pottery painting places. We’ve done that a number of times before and had a good time in the process. Before we’d gone in, we agreed that if there was a kids birthday party planned, that was a dealbreaker for us. Thankfully the girl working in the shop disclosed to us that one was coming up fast and we pulled the chute before getting started.

Part of what I wanted to revive in our monthly offline dates was the sense that we didn’t need to spend a lot of money or create elaborate plans to spend quality time together.

So we headed over to the beach partly because we were so close and also because I had been wanting to visit a beach for a while. I had been mentally making something out of a piece of wood and felt ready to get started on the physical plane.

It was really nice to be near the ocean and get to watch the push and pull of the tide and the waves lapping against the sand. I found the wood I was looking for and also picked up a few other little treasures. We sat on a log looking out at the water and it was mesmerizing.

It was there that I had a thought that I’d had several times since we started the day: I wish I had my book with me. I told that to Kevin and it actually helped us decide on our next destination.

The Vancouver Public Library!

We packed up and headed back across the bridge and downtown which was convenient because I found out later that our dinner plans were in Yaletown, only 400 metres from where we parked for the library.

I’d been in the “new” library only a couple of times and never for the sole purpose of exploring. Just to make you feel old in case you’re someone who, like me, remembers the decision to build it and the debate about its architecture, the building was completed in 1995.

I’m going to save talking about our visit to the library until another day because it really deserves its own post, but let’s just say that it was the major highlight of our day. Even Kevin (who isn’t nearly as I to books as I am) enjoyed our time at VPL.

After spending a couple of hours there, we headed over to The Greek thinking we’d have dinner. Unbeknownst to us, they have a decent happy hour menu and we took advantage of that by sharing a mezze platter which was more than enough. Literally. We brought the calamari home with us.

A wander around Yaletown and a stop at Lucky’s Doughnuts on our drive and we were ready to call it a day. And a really fun and good one at that.

The monthly offline dates project is off to a great start!

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