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19 for 2019: Monthly offline dates

by Carly-Ann

I mentioned yesterday that today we were embarking on our first monthly offline date AKA #12 on my 19 for 2019 list. This is one of those goals that I wanted to expand on at some time after I originally posted the list and since it’s all starting today now seems like the perfect time.

This actually started as I was thinking about my birthday through the month December. Kevin had asked me what I wanted and I couldn’t come up with anything tangible to tell him. I’d already put my biggest wishes on my Christmas list so I was fresh out of ideas. He was also asking me what I wanted to do on my birthday. I spent some more time with both questions and then they just sort of meshed into one – the old experiences vs things debate – and that’s where this idea was born.

In the end, this is what I asked for as a birthday present.

The key details:

  • Once a month, every month – the date would be prearranged between us, but he’d share no other information until the day of
  • No phones or social media allowed – their only permitted use is for taking photos
  • Plans didn’t need to be elaborate or expensive, just fun

When I think back to my favourite times that we’ve had, they’re the times when we just got in the car with little to no concrete plans, just wandering around and seeing where the day took us. For my birthday, that’s what I wanted to recreate. I also wanted to get away from spending time side by side (him communicating with lacrosse people about lacrosse stuff and me doing my own thing) instead of together.

Now, here we are.

Kevin assures me that he has today all laid out and I’m looking forward to being off the grid for the majority of it, making more memories. ❤️

What are you up to today? What’s in your plans for the weekend?

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