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Taking the bad with the good

by Carly-Ann

I worked from home today. Now that I’m able to work from home a couple of times a week, I have started to develop a routine. I wake up earlier than normal and get online to get caught up on what has been going on overnight. Once it gets light out, I lace up and hit the pavement for a run. When I’m done, I come back, shower, then hop back online for the remainder of the day. Last year, I was moved to a new department and manager and it’s literally been a life changer. I adore my boss and my new department is a better fit for both me and what I’m doing now and for my future and my wish list of things I’d like to do. This whole working from him thing, though, it’s the icing on the cake even though I do more and work longer hours when I’m home.

Today was no different.

The morning was busy – so much so that it even threatened the likelihood of my run. Thankfully, I was able to put my major tasks to bed relatively early on and go out a little later than normal. Compromise.

I’d put in about ten hours’ worth of work by the time I’d decided to call it quits and just as I shut down my computer and walked into the kitchen for a water refill, I noticed something amiss beneath the sink. A tiny little bit of sleuthing later and, sure enough, we’d sprung a leak! Ugh.

I like to think I’m good under pressure, but how do you ever really know if that’s the truth? I don’t freak out, but I do feel a little stressed.

I found a bucket and put it under the leak. I texted Kevin and then immediately regretted it. He’s out with a friend at the hockey game tonight and I didn’t want to distract him from the fun of that. I texted the owners of the apartment to see if they had a preferred plumber. (They don’t.) Then I got down to business.

I’m not the handiest of people, but I do have an elevated aptitude for fixing things. I was able to pinpoint the issue (the cold water supply hose to the faucet) and resolve it temporarily (I closed the pipe that feeds it) downgrading the situation from a heart-racing (if you’re me) emergency to a we’ll-get-to-it-sometime-soon annoyance. I’ve confirmed that there isn’t any more water being dripped into the bucket or onto the floor so I am feeling super relaxed about it all now.

Then I went online and checked my email and found that the Canucks tickets I’d listed on StubHub had sold. Say what you want about their fees, but not having to haggle and deal with other human beings trying to debate the price is worth the 10% to me. And the process was SO SIMPLE. Two thumbs up all around. ????????????????

Now I am ready to get this weekend underway. We’re having our first monthly offline date tomorrow (#12 on my 19 for 2019) and hitting up the Vancouver Warriors game tomorrow night. Outside of all that, I guess I’m looking for a plumber. Know anyone?

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