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Things we’ll do this month: January 2019

by Carly-Ann

All the excitement of the new year and I forgot to celebrate the new month by setting some additional short term goals!


Goal setting is fun. It’s great motivation to sit down and hash out the things we want to do and fantasize about the roads that will take us there. When we talk about goals, we talk about money and career and real estate and competition, but we rarely talk about good, old-fashioned leisure. What I’ve found is that having some fun and light-hearted goals is a nice way to interrupt the monotony and drudgery of obligation. Month to month, I will publish a list of things I would like to do during the month ahead. Of course, this list doesn’t take the place of all of my standard goals related to health, wellness, money and spirituality, but I reserve the right to, in some cases, blur the lines.

  • Make some changes on Facebook. I’m back to not liking it. Like really not liking it. I don’t know that I want to quit, but I need to identify and make some changes. Suggestions?
  • Prepare for a minimalism challenge in February. As of last night, it’s a go. And I’m not getting rid of anything else this month in order to pad my stats for next month. (Kidding/not kidding.)
  • Grocery shop once a week. Until this month, we’ve spent years doing this thing where we shop seventeen times a week, responding to daily whims that dictate what we eat for dinner. This week, we took our first stab not at meal planning, but at shopping once and eating what’s here all week. So far, so good and I LOVE not having to go to the store all the time!
  • Research meal prep delivery services. The least convenient part of getting a meal delivery service is the receiving the delivery part. I mean, we are paying someone else to prepare our food because we aren’t at home to do it ourselves. Now that I have the flexibility to work from home, we’ve started talking about incorporating it again. We tried Hello Fresh back in 2017 and it was good, but it’s a competitive market and I want to make sure we’re finding the best balance of quality at the amount we want to spend.
  • Snowshoe. In Kevin’s recent physical state, we haven’t been able to go at all yet this year. If you want to join me on a local mountain sometime, hollah!
  • Give up TV two nights a week. Not in any form. I have a huge list of things I want to work on (freelance projects, personal projects, reading, arts, crafts) and the biggest time consumer that steals time away from those things? Television.
  • Plan my races for the year. I know a lot about what I don’t want to do, but I want to narrow down a little about what I do.

Have you made any goals for the month of January specifically? Are you trying out any new routines?

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