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19 for 2019: 100 Days of running

by Carly-Ann

Back to work today. In many (most?) ways it wasn’t as bad as I’d been bracing for, thankfully. But it is damn hard to reintegrate. That’s why I’m working from home tomorrow. Gotta ease back into office life.

I am going strong with my 19 for 2019 resolutions and I’m happy about that. I promised a deep dive into a few of them and tonight I’m going to share my first, the one related to 100 days of running.

This isn’t a resolution I came up with, but one I borrowed from another Carly. It’s funny because we live relatively close to one another and both devoted a significant amount of time and effort to running back in 2017. In fact, whether at races or along the local boardwalk, we ran into each other pretty regularly. That was when I first became aware of her 100 days of running challenge. I’d liked the idea at the time, but I never really thought of embracing it. I was reminded of it again in the waning weeks of 2018 and, as appeared on the photo of my resolution list, this became my first established goal.

When I checked in with Carly about it she said her goal had been simply that: 100 days of running, without any distance or time requirement. She said, it was a “good reminder that small steps add up.”

Feeling like I needed to get back to basics and get out of my head when it came to running, this challenge really appealed to me. I took the first few days of the year off, but got back to it yesterday.

Here’s to 99 more!

If you want to keep up with Carly and her other great ideas (here’s a recent piece she wrote about resolutions), check out her newly acquired website, Tenth to the Fraser.

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