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The back to work eve blues

by Carly-Ann

Is there anything worse that the night before you go back to work after holidays? It isn’t even like I don’t like my job. I (mostly) love it. And I’m looking forward to the routine and structure of having a regular schedule again. It feels like it’s been months since that was the case. And seeing some of my work pals for the first time in weeks. I’m excited to get started on some projects for the new year and to close out a few that didn’t quite get completed in 2018. And still, I’m sitting her feeling the anticipated dread of a Monday morning. And it sucks – that I feel that way and that I can’t understand why.

Maybe because I won’t get to do things like this anymore.

This was what I envisioned for my entire time off (not doing it the whole time, but I fantasize about it every single day) but it was only yesterday that I put everything else aside to actually DO it.

I had a great topic to write about today and I even started on it, but I kept getting pulled away to do this task or that – putting away Christmas decorations or prepping tomorrow’s lunches. Now, my greatest concern is getting a good night’s sleep and I can’t get my head around the rest of it. Another day.

And you know what else is a total bummer? I took down the Christmas lights today. Of all the Christmas things, that’s the hardest for me to let go.

Are you headed back to work or school tomorrow? What are you looking forward to?

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