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Nineteen for 2019

by Carly-Ann

Looks a little different up there in the title, huh? I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but after 122 days (139 now) of writing I’ve started to feel a little more confident and comfortable in my writing so it feels like time to get back to naming my posts with words instead of just numbers. Now here we are and…

???? HAPPY NEW YEAR! ????

Yesterday, I looked back at the year that 2018 was and what it meant to me. Today, I’m looking forward.

I wrote earlier this month about one of my resolution strategies for 2019 and my desire to make a 19 for 2019 list of things to do. I even put it on my December things we’ll do this month list. To sum it up, it’s a list of things to accomplish in 2019. Some are habit changes, sure, but others are little tasks I’ve been putting off or that I haven’t been able to follow through on. Some are trying something new or expanding on something tried and true.

Here is my 19 for 2019 list, in no particular order.

  1. 100 days of running
  2. Get an eye exam and new glasses
  3. Create and submit a piece to the Anonymous Art Show
  4. Track spending
  5. Get married…or decide not to
  6. Complete a full month of Yoga with Adriene x2
  7. Pay off my credit card
  8. Give strength training a chance
  9. Read 60 books
  10. PR a half marathon
  11. Daily blogging
  12. Monthly offline date with Kevin
  13. Get hard drives removed from old computers
  14. New and full Moon rituals
  15. Complete French and Czech Duolingo courses
  16. Set aside time each week for goal setting, planning and review
  17. Celebrate minor holidays
  18. Read one book at a time
  19. Post something on Instagram every day

I started to add a little context to each of these goals, but for some there is so much to say. For others, it’s exactly what I’ve laid out. I just decided that, for the ones that have a story, I’m going to plan a deep dive into them separately and at a later date. Watch for them and for updates throughout the year.

Have you done a 19 for 2019 list or did you choose a different way to plan some New Year changes? Are resolutions something you roll your eyes at?

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