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by Carly-Ann

Well, if I was grumpy about working yesterday, I ended up in the office for 15 hours today so now I’m REALLY grumpy. But it’s over and I’m moving on. On the bright side, I feel like I accomplished a LOT and I love that. Best of all: my last work day of the year is in the books. Wooo!

Here’s a funny thing about social media: what’s “best” isn’t always what actually best.

If you’re on Instagram, you’re well aware that it’s the Best Nine time of year. Everyone is sharing a collage of their “best” photos of the year as analyzed by a website or app.

Here were mine:

All were great moments or memories, but were they my top ones of the year? Well…

There’s no mention of San Antonio. Or any of the great books I read this year. It features a few great friends, but skips over many others. No family, no flowers, no gardens, no tarot, no lacrosse.

Those are a few of the things I’d include in my annual highlights, but I guess that just me and not the audience.

Still, it’s fun to check out your top posts for the year. Want to see yours? Check out Best Nine or Top Nine. I know the popular opinion is that Top Nine is better, but I like Best Nine better. Check yours out and then make sure you share!

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