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by Carly-Ann

For me, sending Christmas cards is a reward of its own. I have loved writing and sending mail since I was a child. I got my first stationery set for my sixth birthday and I started writing letters to my (very much local) extended family immediately. Over the decades since, I’ve relished sending mail at every chance I get and Christmas is one of the greatest opportunities of all. We’ve already covered that, I know.

I have a few Christmas card results that made me really happy this year and I wanted to share them.

First up, as I have been known to do, I put it out to the Twitterverse that I’d be willing to send a card to anyone who thought their day might be brightened by the arrival of one. Sure enough, I got a few responses, mostly from people who said that they love getting cards, but rarely do. One said that he’d never received a Christmas card in his life and another still who said,

I would love a card. I send quite a few, but get hardly any in return.

Since I could so easily identify with the loneliness of the letter-writer, we decided to do an exchange and her card arrived today marking the second day in a row when checking the mail thoroughly made my day.

That’s it up above – Happy Cawlidays. Isn’t it great?!? Thank you, Jen!

Second, here’s my story from yesterday. Well, and a few days before that, too. Last Wednesday, I got a text from my friend Karen who said,

It’s been years since I’ve sent any cards in the mail, but I sure liked getting yours today!

And she followed up with this:

It thrilled me to get her card in the mail at all, but to know I might have had an influence on more handwritten holiday wishes going out into the world? That’s the best gift of all.

And finally, there are people who, for whatever reason, don’t send holiday cards. And they don’t want to send holiday cards. Instead, they share their best wishes in other ways and we love them for that.

This was my girl Bex‘s solution, a carefully curated Christmas playlist on Spotify. I have just switched to Spotify in the last week so I was so excited to get a link to my first shared playlist. I put it to the test in the office today and it is solid gold. Here’s a link so you can enjoy it, too.

P.S. that song that she referenced? It’s the greatest Christmas song ever made.

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