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by Carly-Ann

In some ways, I like the end of a year as much as I like the beginning of a new one. I don’t know if I ever realized that as much as I have this year, perhaps because I’ve been writing so much lately and thinking about what to write in the future. It dawned on me that there are a few activities that I always tend to gravitate towards in the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Things like decreasing the email sitting in my inbox (1360 – 1096 of which are unread) and reducing the amount of *stuff* I have (I don’t want to go minimalist, but I do want to more finely curate my collection) and cleaning out spaces because I love the anticipation of filling them up again.

Without realizing it until very recently, I’ve even started an End of Year Resolutions list. These are things I want to finish – or at least start to tackle – before 2018 is through. And until now, the list has been entirely in my head. It includes:

  • Empty or at least significantly reduce the email in my inbox
  • Finish transferring all my old blog posts to this page
  • Clear out our PVR
  • Investigate banking options and switch to a new household bank/account
  • Empty out our freezer
  • Transition from Apple Music to something better
  • (Re)Organize my office
  • Update my health insurance benefits

How about you? Do you have anything on your end of year to do list?

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