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by Carly-Ann

What if?

What if the light in others was all we saw?

What if we put aside all the differences that we get hung up about? All the ways that we feel threatened by different ways of thinking, doing, believing, perceiving? All the ways our ego tells us people are doing things wrong? What if we refused to think about putting on a show, about competing or trying to win?

I work on this in myself and what I’ve found is that it’s rewarding to practice. It feels peaceful to put away judgment. It feels natural to choose love, light, acceptance.

Give yourself a break today. When someone does something you don’t like, give yourself the gift of embracing them as they are and maybe even giving them the benefit of the doubt. Take a break from judgment and let everybody – including yourself – just BE.

It is, after all, the season of giving.

Give love. ????❤️

I found today’s inspiration (and image) here.

Funny story: I write this post in its entirety when I woke up and saw that on Instagram. I worked on it, then thought I’d save it as a draft in case I wanted to add to it later. As I did it, I thought, “if I post this now, I’m really tempting fate. I’ll probably run into some REALLY CHALLENGING people if I put this out there – just to put my mettle to the test.

I’ve been outside the house for, like, thirty minutes and I have to confess:

  1. I really had to post it right now because
  2. I was so right.

And I’m working on it.

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