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by Carly-Ann

Christmas cards.

That’s the one tradition I think about, look forward to, insist upon every single year. I love them. Writing them, reading them. Sending them, receiving them. Even just looking at them on display or in boxes. They bring me great joy.

I know some people feel like they’re wasteful. I know other people feel like their meaningless. For me, they’ve always been magical.

I take care selecting my cards, procuring stamps, collecting stickers and little gifts that might fit inside.

I look forward to sitting down with them and writing a note for all the people we care about, near and far. Though the number of pieces that land in our mailbox continues to dwindle, I’ll never stop taking a few hours every year to reach out to those who are meaningful to me.

I was a letter writer from a very early age so it’s no surprise that Christmas cards are an important ritual to me. While I send letters throughout the year and I sometimes share greetings around other minor holidays, this is the time when I can count on finding a little moment of joy every time I open my mailbox.

I’m a little late this year, but this weekend I’m going to sit down with my supplies and send my season’s greetings out into the world – and I can’t wait!

Feeling a little left out of the Christmas card loop? Send me your address and I’ll gladly add you to my mailing list!

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