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by Carly-Ann

I was thinking about the things we’ll do this month a lot in the days leading up to and on the 1st of December. I debated posting it instead of or as part of a travel post, but decided to wait until we were back to talk about my goals for the month.

Goal setting is fun. It’s great motivation to sit down and hash out the things we want to do and fantasize about the roads that will take us there. When we talk about goals, we talk about money and career and real estate and competition, but we rarely talk about good, old-fashioned leisure. What I’ve found is that having some fun and light-hearted goals is a nice way to interrupt the monotony and drudgery of obligation. Month to month, I will publish a list of things I would like to do during the month ahead. Of course, this list doesn’t take the place of all of my standard goals related to health, wellness, money and spirituality, but I reserve the right to, in some cases, blur the lines.

things we’ll do this month: December 2018

I thought long and hard about what I wanted my goals would be for the final of month of 2018. In the end I decided that there would be one overriding goal with a few more minor ones attached. I suppose it doubles as my holiday motto.

My monthly theme:

Spread good cheer.

This has been a space with a strong Christmas influence over the last several weeks. As I mentioned, I tend to start strong and then lose my mojo for a while. I get it back, but more because I have to than because I want to. I have a special knack for preparing for Christmas in a way that leaves me still unprepared. What a talent!

Part of this goal is driven by my desire to avoid that. I want to revel in the warmth of the season and to share it as much as I can. I want to look back at every day and see how I shared my holiday spirit with the people around me.

The other motivation is to flex my generousity – not just financially (via gifts and/or money,) but spiritually, emotionally, professionally, in all aspects of my life and my personality. My parents have modelled extreme generousity – to my brother and I and to others – throughout my entire life. I can think of only one person I know whose generousity rivals theirs. I appreciate that about them and it inspires me.

My little goals look like this:

  • Christmas cards – I have everything, but I’m totally pleasure delaying my favourite holiday tradition
  • Plan something fun for my birthday
  • Create a 19 for 2019 list
  • Plan my races for next year
  • Pick a word for the new year

What about you? What do you have planned for this month? Did you pick a motto for the holidays?

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